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Kissable Toothpaste
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According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, more than 80% of dogs suffer from periodontal disease by the age of two. Help your dog ward of bad breath, gum disease, multiple infections, and heart disease by consistently brushing your dog s teeth. The vanilla flavored toothpaste is All Natural and is great for dogs and their people!

KissAble  Dental Wipes
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Many dog's won t tolerate a toothbrush and for smaller dog's a brush is simply too large. A mild abrasive wipe is the perfect solution, enabling you to clean your dogs teeth safely and gently. Herbal-infused dental wipes are great for dogs that won t let you brush with a toothbrush. They promote excellent oral hygiene while refreshing your dog s breath. These textured wipes contain baking soda which provides gentle abrasion to help remove unwanted build up. They also combine the gentleness of...