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Star Spinner - Interactive Dog Toy
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Introducing a new toy that occupies and challenges dogs cognitive skills. These toys provide enrichment (described below) for your own dogs. As descendants of wolves, most dogs instinctively enjoy the challenge of hunting and seeking out the hidden food in our Puzzle Toys. It keeps your pets healthy, happy and engaged! All games include instructions and tips. The Star Spinner has 10 treat chambers that challenge your dog to spin levels in either direction revealing the opening. With a nudge of...

Holiday Dog Antlers
Price: $9.99
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Backpacks for Dogs in Two Colors
Price: $41.99
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Our backpacks are perfect for the outdoors with their roomy saddlebag compartments, mesh pockets, and durable zippers, whether on the trail or around town. They are often used to give active working dogs a "job", thus calming them down. Special Features: Removable pack takes weight off dog while at rest and allows easy access to contents Reflective accents and bright colors for increased visibility Large pockets that feature wide openings and zipper closures to carry food and water Pack...

Brainey Santa or Reindeer Dog Toy
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Price: $7.99
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Awwwwww...Happy Holidays!! A sweet pet toy for your pampered pooch

ORKA Mini Flyer Dog Toy
Price: $11.99
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Dogs love a game of fetch, and nothing is more fun that a flying disk! Interactive play is a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Easy on teeth and gums, the min orka flyer is made of durable ORKA material that is tough in performance, yet gentle on dogs mouths offer hours of enjoyable interaction. ORKA material is tough but easy on dog's mouth during the catch. The fun disc shape brings hours of fetch play for you and your dog. It is easy to grip and toss. The textured...

Dog Elf Hat
Price: $8.99
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For fashion, fun, and many good laughs throughout the holidays, be sure to try our Holiday Hats. These practical, unique and comical creations will bring the Christmas spirit into your home. Sizes in inches are: Small 7" tall x 5" wide; Medium 10" tall x 6" wide; Large 12" tall x 7.75" wide.

Dog Hanukkah Yarmulke and Tallis Set
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LED Candy Cane Dog Headband
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Lamb Chop Plush Dog Toy
Price: $5.99
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New Lamb Chop as a dog toy. This Shari Lewis TV puppet was a classic during the 60's and is now back as a great plush toy that squeaks for your dog!! Not a Puppet Super Cute!

Petstages Mini Floppy Bar Bell
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Price: $6.00
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PETSTAGES Mini Floppy Bar Bell Rattle and squeak add fun. Easy for the small dog to grasp, shake and toss. Floppy feel appeals to dogs.

Mini Orka Chewer Dog Toy
Price: $8.99
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The Orka Mini Chew provides chewing fun for your small dog! Mini sized for the smaller dog. Made of durable material designed to stand up to even the toughest chewers. Fun denim streamers and multiple textures add fun and interest for your dog. The prefect toy for your toy sized chewer.

Mini Cool Chew
Price: $7.50
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This toy is both fun and healthy for your dog. Wet and freeze to provide soothing relief.Crunchy when frozen.Fun shape can be carried and tossed.Perect size for small dogs!Mold resistant filling is great for freezing and washing.