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    The Hide N’ Slide provides hours of fun every time your dog plays with it. Simple enough, just hide treats in each compartment of this dog training game and watch as your dog slides around the pieces to find them.

    NO REMOVABLE PARTS: This dog game has built in pieces that stay in place during play. Durable construction helps to keep this dog toy in tact making it your go to dog game time and time again.

    LEVEL 2 PLAY: Level 2 Nina Ottosson dog games present your dog with a more interesting way of problem solving than level 1 Nina games and puzzles and work great for assisting you in training your dog in new and fun ways!

    SMART CHOICE FOR SHORT NOSED DOGS: With elevated play elements in this dog game, the Hide N’ Slide is great for short nosed dogs who can’t move pieces and access treats as easily as dogs with longer noses and mouths.

    BEATS BOREDOM: There is no shortage of fun when it comes to this dog game! The Hide N’ Slide has multiple compartments to hide treats in and movable pieces allow your dog to test new ways to unlock rewards.

    • Easy to Clean
    • One Size
    • 15"L x 14"W x 2.5"H

    Keep your dog busy and happy with this challenging dog toy from Nina Ottosson. The level 2 dog treat dispenser game features sliding blocks and swiveling flippers which hide compartments for dog snacks or kibble. Mentally stimulating and entertaining for both dogs and owners – your dog will have to work hard and solve the dog puzzles to win a reward!

    • CHALLENGING DOG PUZZLE: The interactive Hide N Slide dog puzzle toy is an entertaining and engaging dog treat dispenser toy that will exercise your dog’s mind and strengthen the dog/owner bond
    • REAL WOOD APPEAL: Made to look like real wood, the dog treat puzzle toy is a unique composite material, making the durable dog toy tough and easy to clean – a must for any dog toy box
    • NO REMOVABLE PARTS: Built so play pieces don’t come out when your dog plays. This puzzle feeder dog toy stays intact, making it your new go-to dog enrichment toy
    • HOW TO PLAY: Place dog treats in the dog activity toy’s blocks and compartments. Swivel flippers to cover the food puzzle’s tracks and lock the spinning top. Let the dog games begin!
    • INTERACTIVE FUN: Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzle Games are smart, stimulating, and challenging for your dog’s brain. Place the dog board game on the floor and encourage your pet to seek treats