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    * Urban outdoor padded vest
    * Waterproof treatment
    * Melange fabric for enhanced quality outer
    * High Quality inside fabric
    * Advanced neck line for  all breeds 
    * PZLS (Puppy Angel Lead Hole Zipper System)
    * PSSS (Puppy Angel String & Stopper System) on the waist
    * Upgraded pattern to fit perfectly, especially the chest
    * Snap closure

    S34.0 cm23.0 cm24.0 cm
    SM38.0 cm25.0 cm27.0 cm
    M42.0 cm27.0 cm30.0 cm
    ML46.0 cm30.0 cm33.0 cm
    L50.0 cm33.0 cm36.0 cm
    XL54.0 cm36.0 cm39.0 cm
    2XL60.0 cm40.0 cm43.0 cm
    3XL67.0 cm44.0 cm47.0 cm
    4XL74.0 cm48.0 cm51.0 cm
    5XL82.0 cm54.0 cm55.0 cm
    6XL90.0 cm60.0 cm59.0 cm
    7XL100.0 cm66.0 cm63.0 cm
    S13.4 in9.1 in9.4 in
    SM15.0 in9.8 in10.6 in
    M16.5 in10.6 in11.8 in
    ML18.1 in11.8 in13.0 in
    L19.7 in13.0 in14.2 in
    XL21.3 in14.2 in15.4 in
    2XL23.6 in15.7 in16.9 in
    3XL26.4 in17.3 in18.5 in
    4XL29.1 in18.9 in20.1 in
    5XL32.3 in21.3 in21.7 in
    6XL35.4 in23.6 in23.2 in
    7XL39.4 in26.0 in24.8 in
    ※ Any style of Puppy Angel can be changed the material, color and pattern without notice in order to improve the perfect style for your baby.