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Pink & Black Shiny Witch Dog Costume
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Pink and Black makes the perfect combination for Halloween haunting. Satin and polyester crepe fabric made with extremely reflective and multi colored threads. Black lace trims the front and shoulder panels, bi-colored balloon sleeves add to the elegance of this fine costume and it is accented by three jewels on the collar. This costume snaps on the front for easy and secure dressing. This costume is hand washable.

Candy Corn Witch Costume
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Sweet as candy this little costume will warm your heart as your little girl is walking with it.

LED Lighted Orange & Black Witch Costume
Price: $53.00
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Halloween Costume with LEDsTraditional Halloween colors and under the Orange mesh skirt our new Fiber Optic LED lighted skirt makes for a colorful display of multi colored light and flashing patterns. LED portion is removable for hand washing and battery is replaceable. This costume in hand washable. Matching hat is included.

Pink Pom Pom Witch Costume
Price: $45.00
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Halloween Costume The Pink Pompom witch is a combination of lace, ribbon and satin that will attract any warlock for fun and frolic. Match the sheer pink with black on the skirt with the classic balloon sleeves this is the perfect Halloween dress. Matching witches hat is donned with pink pompoms and pink satin ribbon. This costume is hand washable.

Turtle Costume
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Realistic looking, with the droopy eyes and side wing legs it makes this the costume with the action of a turtle. It follows the movements of your pet and the leg wings seem to float out on the sides like it was swimming or waddling down the path. Full fitting body suit keeps it comfortable and in place. This costume is hand washable.

Dragon Ninja Costume
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Dragon Ninja has gold metallic screen printing in the same designs of the ancient Japanese Ninja. It is striking against the red body cover. This Ninja will infiltrate the party and draw attention to your little pup.

Ghost Dog Costume
Price: $33.00
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A ghostly sight! Easy fitting and comfortable the white satin fabric flows in three layers, at night the white sheets look like they are flowing in the air as if suspended. The big black buggy rolling eyes pop out of the head which sets back on the head and not bothering the ears or free movement of this costume. Form fitting with our unique adjustable Velcro chest and belly fastener panel makes it easy to securely fit. 75% polyester 25% cotton.

Crazy Monkey Costume
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Crazy Monkey Dog Costume - Screen Printed with 3-D banana applique!

Butterfly Backpack & Harness backpacks for dogs
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Cute and Functional Backpacks for Dogs. Can also be used as a Harness. Made out of soft quality material. Adjustable. Sizes: ~Small for Chihuahuas & Small Puppies (up to 10 lbs).~Medium for Toy Poodles, etc. (up to 15lbs).~Large for Dachund, Fox Terrier,Shittzu,etc. (up to 25 lbs).

Sneakers for Toy Breed Dogs MANY Colors
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Our dog sneakers are great for play, protection of sensitive paws on hot pavement or just as a fashion statement! Simulated laces stay secure as they accent the look of real sneakers. The canvas body is soft and breathable, together with the non-slip sole, these sneakers are the all around play shoe. Fashions Shoes and Sneakers are specifically hand made to extremely high standards. Using a paw shaped form, each shoe is individually stretched and shaped to the configuration of that paw form...

Board Shorts for Dogs dog shorts, board shorts for dogs
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Summer is almost here and you don't want your dog to be caught short on their summer wardrobe. Adorable little board shorts in hawaiian prints are just what they need for the dog days of summer. Sizes for 2 Lbs Dogs up to 14 Lbs. Matching Visor Cap also available.

Hawaiian Print Dog Visors Hawaiian Print Baseball style Pet Caps from Pampet.
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Hawaiian Hat Bucket style Pet Hats from Pampet.