ABOUT Bloomingtails Dog Boutique

Bloomingtails Dog Boutique is a dream come true for the Urbanczyk family! We have been beyond blessed to have been given this opportunity to not only work with animals, but their people too!

My dream started many years ago as a little girl to save all of the worlds animals. I always wanted to dress them all up and bring them home, give them love and keep them warm. I later decided to go to college to work with them in some forum. A vet, a zookeeper: who knows but something. I volunteered at local shelters and advocated for their health and well being. Life has a way of taking you in different directions, so I became a mom and a wife. (no doubt just as rewarding!!)

As my husband, a fireman, and myself expanded our family I longed to reach out with my love of animals, which my husband has always shared. We decided we would open our own pet boutique in our area. We made plans, attended small business classes and.......it never happened.

So flash forward some years and here we are. The proud new owners of Bloomingtails!!! I couldn't be more proud, more excited and ready to shout from the rooftops. Anyone who knows me knows I am more than ready for this adventure and can't wait to share this amazing journey with all of you.

But I have to give credit where credit is due. If it weren't for an amazing woman Tina, my family would not even have this opportunity. She had been helping a dear friend, Carol, for some time with Bloomingtails. Carol was the previous owner and created this beautiful store because of her love for animals. She unfortunately became ill and couldn't carry the business on her own. With Tina's help, Bloomingatils Dog Boutique was able to remain open, in hopes of finding someone to pass the torch on to. And thankfully Tina came to me.

Tina has guided me and believed in me and held on just so that I may live my dream. She has been such an important part of this business and our lives. Her heart is amazing and she continues to work with me hand in hand.

The best part is that we don't only sell doggie clothes. We listen to your stories and become connected to you and your furry angels. We get to send out the party hats for a birthday party and get to hear all about it and even sometimes get the pictures. We learn about the amazing volunteer work that people do all over the world. The things you all do to give unwanted pets homes, and fostering disabled animals, and advocating for their safety. It warms my heart to know that animals don't stand alone because of people like us.

We currently have two dogs. We lost our Marley in October and miss him every day. He was 15 years old and honestly the best friend we could have asked for. A mixed breed from a shelter in Buffalo NY, he has left a hole in our hearts. Now Milo, a puggle from Santa Claus joins our family. He was from a hound rescue and is the sweetest little man around. He thinks he's a baby and likes to be carried around. He certainly makes us laugh out loud daily!!! I would definitely recommend this breed to families with children. His patience is amazing, he is calm and sincere and loves with his entire being. Matty is our Border Collie. She is from a local farm with working dogs. They "accidentally" had a litter of pups and needed to find them good homes. My husband adores the breed so she was his gift. She is a Border Collie in all facets of her life. Her only job is to protect the children and it is fantastic to watch. She follows them every inch of their day, from room to room. Just watching them. Making sure they are safe. If they do something she doesn't particularly think is the best choice she is right there to let them know. A string of barks to get down, or get off of something. Pushing them over to stay away from the road or driveway or out of the pool. Her spirit is unmatched!! Always working.

As we enter this next chapter in the Urbanczyk adventure I can honestly say that we have decided to do something that will foster our children's future too.

Our daughter is a "mini-me" and already knows she will be called Dr. Urbanczyk someday, as our future veterinarian. She has a compassion I have never encountered before. I can already see her bringing home strays to care for and not taking no for an answer. At 7 she amazes us everyday.

Our son is a gentle boy, treating each creature with love. He is 6 years old and already knows which hours he will be working at Walt Disney World feeding the birds! (he has created a job position for himself already) Thank you all for taking the time to get some insight on our family. As our adventure grows and we learn more about this exciting journey I will update you.

Continue to speak for those furry friends with no voice. I know we will!!!

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