A Useful Guide On How To Enjoy Outdoor Activities With Your Dog

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A Useful Guide On How To Enjoy Outdoor Activities With Your Dog

As everyone knows, dogs need access to fresh air and plenty of exercises; and so do their owners, obviously. Being able to enjoy outdoor adventures with your pet is an amazing experience for you both, one which allows you to bond while also getting healthy. However, there are certain things you can or cannot do while out and about with your dog, and you need to follow different protocols in order to stay safe. The following is a useful guide to enjoying the great outdoors with your beloved dog, without losing your mind.

Pests Go Away

Nature is wonderful, but it can also be deeply annoying when it comes to pests. Just like humans, dogs need to have some protection in place against mosquitoes - also, don’t forget that your pet is especially vulnerable to fleas, ticks, and heartworms. So, it is up to you to take the necessary precautions. One necessary precaution is to simply check in with your vet and make sure that your dog is up to speed on all the necessary vaccinations and rabies shots. And, after you’re done with a hike, make sure to check behind your dog’s ears and under the collar for places where a tick may hide. Catching them early on will prevent them from hurting your pet.

Physical Training

If your dog was a couch potato before embarking upon different adventures with you, then you should ease them into exercise slowly. Especially if you decide to go for a rigorous hike, or want to go running with your dog - these activities may take some getting used to. Perhaps, you can start out by discovering a shorter trail that doesn’t have a lot of steep climbing for both of you to do. Alternatively, try jogging at intervals to help get those muscles into shape. Also, don’t forget that in the same way as humans, dogs need to warm up before starting a major activity, and it’s important not to skip this vital step.

Bring Provisions

Before leaving the house to go exploring the great outdoors, you should bring lots of water - for yourself as well as your dog. Getting dehydrated in a place without easy access to clean, running water is a bad idea, so you should do your best to leave your house prepared. Furthermore, snacks are always needed. Some dog food and treats should help keep your pet energized and satiated during the day. Not to mention, it doesn’t hurt to bring along some grooming essentials, dog-appropriate sunscreen, as well as poop bags so as not to damage a beautiful landscape. An extra leash may also be helpful, in case the first one is lost or gets torn somehow while you’re outside. And, don’t forget to have your dog wear a collar with special identifying tags, in case of any emergency.

Keeping your pooch happy is pretty easy, so long as you go out prepared and keep them engaged with the activity at hand. Most dogs adore the outdoors, but they do need a few things to help keep them safe. So, don’t forget the seemingly little things mentioned here, since they can have a huge impact on both your abilities to enjoy the day without a hitch.

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