All the Advice You Will Ever Need to Keep Your Dog Happy

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All the Advice You Will Ever Need to Keep Your Dog Happy

A dog is indeed man's best friend. Our canine friends have become so important to us that we often consider them extra family members. These adorable furry animals can make us feel treasured and joyful, which raises the quality of our lives. Like the rest of the family members, we should take our time and make efforts to look after them and make sure they are happy and healthy. It is your responsibility to make sure your dog has all they need to live a long, happy and healthy life. Such a responsibility can be a daunting task to shoulder, especially for first-time dog owners.

Here are some pieces of advice that you will need to keep your dog happy and healthy;

Regular Exercise

Ensuring your dog gets daily exercise is critical if you want your little canine friend to be happy and healthy. However, this does not necessarily mean you have to take the dog on daily walks. There are lots of other ways that you can engage your dog to take part in physical activity. Dogs are especially fond of activities. You can look for new exciting activities to take part in with your canine companion. Taking your dog on hikes, runs, or just a short outing in addition to the walks will be greatly welcomed. You could also look for safe areas such as dog parks where you can let your dog off the leash. I guarantee you the experience will be tremendously enjoyable for your dog.

Proper Nutrition

As a dog owner, you need to be aware of what to feed your dog. You need to take your time to investigate and research the correct type of nutrition for your dog. Ensuring that they have the proper kind of food in the right amount is vital to maintaining their overall health. It will also help curb the weight preventing complications from weight issues and illnesses that could significantly shorten your furry friend's life. The food you provide them should be fresh, healthy, and suited to their needs. You can meet all the dietary needs of your dog here at thewisepup. Take your time to research and ask your vet for help in making the right nutritional choices for your dog. Do not risk the health of your dog by making assumptions concerning what food to provide.


Although the grooming requirements may vary for different dogs, you should ensure you trim your dog's nails. You should also expect to give them regular baths to keep them clean and brush their coats a few times a week. You will realize this is easier said than done as you may find that your dog doesn't like the grooming process. However, it should not put you off from grooming your dog. It is an important routine that is necessary for their well-being. Washing and brushing their fur provides an excellent opportunity to check on the skin and coat. Look out for uneven patches of hair, dandruff, and dry skin, as these may be indicators that your canine companion might need that much-dreaded visit to the vet.

Lots of Love and Affection

Dogs enjoy a good massage or rub every so often. It relaxes your dog and promotes healing, and strengthens the bond that exists between you and your furry companion. The bond you share with your dog adds value to both your lives. Switch threats with affectionate gestures as you interact with your dog. The results will be beneficial for both of you, especially during training. The occasional belly rubs and petting are essential in showing your dog much you love them, which is critical in maintaining their emotional intelligence and the bond with you as the owner, ensuring a much happier dog.

Schedule Regular Check-Ups

A visit to the vet is not just necessary when your puppy is sick. You should schedule regular visits to the vet at least once a year for checkups. The holidays will help keep the dog healthy and prove critical in the early diagnosis of any diseases that may trouble your dog that you may not be aware of. You could consider getting insurance for your dog if you are worried about the extra costs regular trips to the vet may bring. You should be ready to make sure your dog gets the best medical care, as this is your responsibility as a dog owner. Regular checkups will make sure your dog is healthier and happier.

As a dog owner, you strive to make sure your dog is happy and healthy, which could at times prove to be challenging even for long-time owners. Hopefully, with the above pieces of advice, you could give your furry canine friend the life they deserve.


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