Basic Essentials For Your Dog's Fall Trip

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Your dog is happy to go wherever you’re going, even if the temperatures are slightly cooler. There’s also nothing better than watching your pup racing through fall leaves and having a good time.

All you need is to pack the basic essentials for you and your pup, then head out on a fall trip.

#1 Food & Water

Road trips into the back country can make for some interesting meal choices for us humans. It’s best to keep your pup on their normal kibble or wet food for the entire trip, as changing their food can upset their stomach.

It’s always best to pack an extra bag of your dog’s kibble with you on the road. Some places may not stock the particular brand that you’re feeding your fluff, so taking it with you is a good idea.

Also, don’t forget to pack your pets favorite treat and snacks so you can reward them.

#2 Bed & Crate

To help keep your fluff comfortable and relaxed, take their bed, blankets and crate on the trip. This will help them to settle in quicker in a new environment with new smells.

It will also help to keep them warm when fall temperatures are lower. Even if you’re in a hotel room, the cold can affect your pup. Having their own bed will also prevent your pup from sneaking into bed with you! Some places don’t allow pups on the furniture.

If you’re going to be taking your pup outdoors with you, make sure to pack their jacket so they don’t get cold while you’re out and about.

#3 Safety Restraints

You’d need to check the state laws for where you’re going, as some states in the USA require you to harness your dog in the back seat. This helps to prevent any distractions while you’re driving and will also help to keep your pup safe.

Make sure that your pup’s collar has their tags on it and that you pack their harness and leash. These will help to keep your pup safe in unfamiliar places or where it’s required that your dog is on leash.

#4 First Aid Kit

Just to be on the safe side, it’s always best to take your pup’s vaccination records along with you. You may need to present these in case of an emergency, or if you have to board your pup overnight in a kennel.

You can put a first aid kit together which will help you be prepared for those scrapes and bumps along the way. This can come in very handy if you’re outdoors, as you may need tweezers to remove any ticks or splinters. You may want to pack some gauze, bandages, antiseptic wipes and eye wash for your pup.

#5 Toys

You pup will feel more at home on the trip when they have their favorite toys with them. Toys will also provide your fluff with some entertainment and mental stimulation while you’re driving.

If your dog is an aggressive chewer, you may want to get them a puzzle treat toy that will keep them busy for a while. Nobody wants chewed car seats!

You may even want to pack that frisbee or ball for your pup. When you reach a spot that has some wide open space, you can take a break and help your dog stretch their legs.


What better time to take a trip with your dog than during the amazing colors of fall? Make sure you take the basic essentials for both you and your dog, and you’ll be off on the trip of a lifetime together.


Mike Powell is an avid dog lover who frequently travels with his dog. He’s picked up some tips and tricks during this time about how to make traveling fun, safe and stress-free for both him and his pup. He writes about all things dog at Dog Embassy.

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