Calling Our Cat Lovers-Avoid the Wrath of a Bored Cat with These Fun Ideas

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Avoid the Wrath of a Bored Cat with These Fun Ideas

There are cats who can entertain themselves for hours on end without a single human being around, thank you very much. Then there are other cats who need a bit of encouragement to find their way off the couch or away from the feeding bowl and have playtime.

Then there’s the bored cat.

This is the one that makes trouble when they aren’t stimulated. They twist their way into places they have no business of being in, tinker with objects that shouldn’t be touched and quite possibly scratch up every couch in site.

If your cat needs help staying out of trouble, you can easily give them enough to do while you’re out of the house without emptying your bank account.

Give Them a Good View

Nothing entertains a cat more than staring out the window, stalking birds and people alike. This entertainment is made better when they are in an elevated position.

Leave the blinds open and give them a place to watch from. Sites like can help you find the perfect window perch to install. Alternately move furniture with shelving, like a bookcase, close to the window to make sure they have a good view while you’re away.

Leave Cardboard Boxes and Paper Bags Out

Cats love all boxes but seem particularly fond of cardboard. Whether your cat decides to make a fort, sled or simply bounce in and out of them, one thing is certain, they will have a ton of fun. When it comes to paper bags, it’s the crinkly sound and the many shapes a bag can be that cats can’t get enough of.

Aim to get different shapes and sizes and artfully scatter them throughout your house so that your cat can happen upon them. If they get tired of a certain box, try relocating it or stacking it on top of another. Throw some paper bags inside a box. Get crazy!

Both pose little risk to your cat, are cheap, easy to come by and just as easy to replace. Start saving boxes and bags from deliveries, visits to the grocery store or ask the local deli if they wouldn’t mind giving you some.

Rearrange Furniture Once in a While

Keep your cat on their toes by switching a room up. This can be moving their cat tree from one corner of the room to another or putting it in a new room completely. Moving the couch 2 inches to the left does not count!

If you’re happy to rearrange the furniture, go ahead. If not, you can switch around their favorite napping spaces or move their window perch to a different window that offers a different view. Throwing your cat off is a great way to stimulate them.

Moving things around can also reignite their interest in a toy of piece of furniture that they’ve stopped using. Why buy new toys when you can breathe life into the ones already lying around? You’ll also quickly be able to tell your cat’s preference for certain items based on how much they interact with something before and after a shift.

Let Your Cat Watch TV

You can buy DVDs specially made for cats or find videos on YouTube. TV can be wonderful entertainment for your kitty, especially for older cats who aren’t interested in expending as much energy as they once did.

Most videos show birds and mice running about. Show some to your cat, you’ll know you have a winner when your cat completely ignores your existence. You can even build a playlist for them to watch throughout the day so they don’t get tired of seeing the same thing.

Add Extra Napping Spaces

Don’t overthink this one. You can put a blanket on the bottom of a bookshelf – you cat will be napping there in 20 minutes. Position spaces at different heights in your house if possible.

Other ideas include:

  • A makeshift cat hammock under a table
  • A secured hanging planter
  • A stack of old suitcases (cat bunk bed!)
  • An old laundry basket
  • Floating shelves (can double as décor)

Even if your cat has a ton of spaces to hang out it, they always like having more. Cats like to spend time in one room before sashaying on to their next spot somewhere else. They can do this for hours.

You know your cat better than anyone else. It may take some experimenting to strike the right balance, but these ideas will have you on the right path in successfully keeping your cat’s boredom at bay.

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