Dog Trainer: How To Understand A Puppy And Instill The Right Behaviors

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Know If You Are Ready To Get A Puppy

With their tiny bodies, playful nature, and adorable looks, puppies are the hardest to resist for animal lovers. Nonetheless, you need to make a lot of decisions and take into consideration a lot of factors before getting a puppy home. Do your research first.

Puppies need a lot of time and attention. They require constant feeding and sometimes, in the middle of the night too. Training them is an integral part of having a puppy too, as you do not want a badly behaved puppy. Trips to vets, regular walks and much more can be added to your daily schedule. Once you have figured it all, go ahead, get your furry friend home.

Teach Your Puppy Right Behavior And Correct Bad Habits

Once you have got your furry friend home, you will want to start training it as young as possible. Certain habits, if not taken care of at an early stage, can get difficult to change as the puppy grows. Also understanding a bad habit that is formed, or aggression can be confusing to new dog owners. Professional puppy trainers at H&H Dog help dog owners with house training and helping to build a bond with them.

We have listed a few puppy habits that can be corrected. Remember, all puppy training takes time so being patient with them is the first step to helping them develop.

  •  Bite prevention training is essential as though their little puppy teeth might not do any harm, once they grow into adult dogs, it could lead to serious bites. Puppies need to keep learning to use their teeth gently. One way of doing this is to stop playing with them if they bite too hard. Once the puppy realizes that the fun stops at that, it will refrain from repeating it.
  •  Puppies love to chew on everything. Rather than getting frustrated, you can confine them in a place that keeps them away from anything that you would not want them to chew on. Additionally, provide them with toys like a chewy toy of their own and guide them towards it when they chew.
  •  Good behavior treat. Puppies respond very well when they get positively reinforced. Harsh treatment given when a puppy misbehaves may even end up making it aggressive. Rewarding your puppy with doggy treats or with praise every time they behave well or listen to you, makes the puppy do more things for you.
  •  Teach your puppy to trust you. For this, you too need to be trustworthy. By giving instructions that your puppy is unable to do will cause them to fail. The more the puppy will fail the lesser he will trust you.
  •  Give clear commands and instructions. When your puppy falls, give positive reaffirmations that are clear asking it to try a little harder.

Letting a puppy feel ok with whatever they do can cause a negative effect. It needs to understand how different behavior patterns can affect its owner. Saying that, when they do something right, offer a lot of praise!

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