First Time Doggie Wardrobes

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Youve been watching the dogs in your neighborhood parade by in the their coolest duds. You see them all dressed in their best for their vet visit. Hanging out the window with tongues flapping and the sweetest little outfit in tow. Would you like to jump in and start dressing your furry friend in the latest doggie couture? You came to the right place.

In 10 years we can say we have seen pretty much everything. The sweetest birthday dresses. The most tailored tuxedos. Some pretty risque Halloween costumes, yup pretty much everything. But where do you start?


First, start with your pups attitude. What does he/she look like he would wear? Is he a rock star or maybe a button down shirt kinda guy. Is your girl a tutu and tiara princess or maybe a skull and cross bones rebel? Whatever it is, think about what your pooch is portraying.


Here is the most important part of doggie couture! Many people think small is small is small. Its not. Always check the sizing chart before you make a purchase. Some designers cater to the wee little ones and their small is very different than the small from a company who caters to Boxers or Great Danes. Just ask, we can always guide you, even recommend a favorite designer. Some designers work more closely with Pugs or Dachshunds and create designs that fit their body type the best. Many of our designers do custom work. So they can take your pups measurements and create the perfect fit.


Just like peoples clothing, doggie couture can cover the gamete in pricing. If you are looking for a designer brand, it will be more costly. But keep in mind, most times you get what you pay for. If you are looking for a one time wear, maybe for an occasion, then look for price. Look for something that fits your budget for the day or event. If your looking for something that they will wear often, needs to be washed and maybe dried, then quality is what your after. Is this a pair of jammies your furry little friend will wear to bed every night? Then try a cotton blend that washes well. If it doesnt say, just ask. We will be happy to direct you. Is it a tutu dress you want your pooch to wear every holiday, then look for quality, maybe even custom work.


Doggie designs are also seasonal. Every season brings the freshest, newest styles. This years button down and preppy dresses have been all the rage. It changes and we try and keep up. Thats why we add new products daily! Colors go in and out too!! We are seeing more purples and deep plums, next year who knows.


We left the best for last. We can speak from experience. If its uncomfortable its probably not going to stay on your pet for long. Look for softer materials that dont itch or crinkle. No pup wants to walk around with their outfit making noises. Its startling and down right annoying for them. Easy on and off helps too. Buttons dont grab fur like velcro does. So if you have a fluffy pooch, maybe velcro isnt the way to go. Dogs with thicker necks may want a v-neck or sloped neck. Something hindering their neck is certainly not comfortable. Shoes are also quiet popular. But remember, shoes take time and patience. They need to almost "train" to wear them. They do get used to them, they just dont understand what is stuck on their foot!

Your pooch is your family. Help them look their best and feel their best and not break the bank. We ALWAYS have a sale. Dont see it listed or cant find a coupon code? Just ask, we will be glad to give you your very own.

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