Getting Your Dog Through A Night Of Fireworks

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Its that time of year! Kids love them, well...we all love them! But, not your dog. The holiday and summer can bring fun and excitement for us. For your dog, the loud booms and bright flashes can bring terror.

Here are a few tips to help you get your furry friend through a night of fireworks.

  • Plan Ahead & Poop Them Out

Find out when your area is having fireworks. That way you can be prepared to tire out your dog during the day. Play a little longer outside because we all know fresh air equals longer nap times. Throw the ball or frisbee a few extra times and really drain them with extra activities so when night time rolls around, they are ready for bed.

  • Keep Your Pup Distracted

This is the time to pull out all the stops. Give them something to keep their mind off of the loud noises, like a toy filled with peanut butter or interactive game. Try putting some music on or the television, to help mask the bangs and booms. Make your home the most comfortable place for your dog. Even the air conditioner can help bring a constant steady sound that your pup finds relaxing.

  • Bedtime

You may find your dog wandering, looking for a safe place to lay down. They may not want to sleep sprawled on your bed like they usually do. Many dogs look for a "tighter" place to relax. So, make you sure you give them access to a smaller, more hidden spot to hang their hat. Put a blanket up against a wall or under a table. Drag their comfy bed over to the corner so they know its ok to lie there. Let them guide you.

  • Be Calm

As the leader in the house, stay calm. Dogs feed off of our emotion, so if we stay calm it will help them to stay relaxed. Dont react to the loud noises and bright lights. Try and keep everything the same so that they dont sense your anxiety. Let them know they are safe and loved with even tempered emotions.

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