Got a New Dog? Here's How to Prepare Your Home

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Getting a dog is one of the best decisions you can make. Still, just like with every living being, there are some decisions and obligations that must be made. Although dogs are not as huge a responsibility as kids, for instance, you will have to make some changes to your home.

That doesn't have to be anything big or too drastic, however, you and your household members will have to adapt if you want to make everything function normally. Some modifications need to be established.

If this is the first time you're getting a puppy, don't worry. It's completely understandable if you have no idea where to begin. This article is going to provide you with some solutions that will make your house safe and comfy for your new pet.

Tips To Prepare Your House


Those who are planning on having a puppy should know that they like to chew things, even the most dangerous ones, such as electrical cords. Therefore, it wouldn't hurt if you taped them to baseboards. Besides that, you could also remove plants, put them in a safer place, placing household chemicals on the shelves that are too high for your dog, installing a crate and gates, as well as eliminating breakables and rugs.

Dogs are generally like kids, especially puppies. They love to explore. Everything seems interesting to them, that's why you have to do these things, to ensure both your home and puppy are safe.

Clean Personal Space

This is especially important in the beginning because everything is new to your dog. Professionals at accentuate that if by any chance you already have another dog or cat, ensure to get rid of their fur. You do not want your new puppy to swallow it.

Puppies are too little and have sensitive immunity. Bear in mind, that there are some places in your house that you simply cannot secure enough, hence, create a zone where your pet will stay the most.

Even if you're planning on allowing your dog to roam freely, he has to have a special place for himself where he will feel safe. Now, before you bring him to your house, it's important to set up the basket or kennel, as well as the pet's stable.

Anything Else?

Water And Food Bowls

Everybody knows that both dogs and cats must have bowls especially intended for them. Now, what some of them often forget is that they should be placed away from the litter tray. That's of course if you have one.

Those that are made from the firm materials are maybe the best option because they cannot be knocked over easily. Speaking of food, since this pet is kind of a family member, feed him with high-quality foods. Consult with a vet or breeder when it comes to this.

The Importance Of A Good First Impression

If you are adopting this dog, then this is of great relevance. If he is a rescue dog, request from their foster owner to come with the two of you. Ask them to bring along some of their favorite toys or blankets to make this transition to your home a lot easier.

If you manage to pull this off, your dog is going to feel much more comfortable and safe. Another thing you can do is to utilize scent. Generally speaking, dogs are very sensitive to smells, which means that you should take something with you that used to belong to him.

This will let him know that he can be completely relaxed in your home. Furthermore, you can also rub familiar scents on places of your household where this dog will spend most of his time. This is a great idea!

Toys, Toys, Toys

You can never go wrong with this. The only thing you need to think about is the type and it all depends on the size of your puppy/dog. The market offers a variety of different toys that are suitable for both an adult one or a baby. You can come across items such as rope toys, treat-dispensing toys, balls, chew toys, and many others. If you're creative enough, you can also make one for your pet. There are some good tutorials online.

Having a dog is one of the biggest life's joys and you will quickly realize that (if you already haven't). That's why these preparations are necessary to make him feel happy. If you implement at least one or two of these suggestions you will create a perfect home for your new furry friend. As you can see, it doesn't take too much to incorporate some of these changes.



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