How to Choose the Right Food for Your New Puppy

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How to Choose the Right Food for Your New Puppy

It is always a struggle to find the desired dog foods as there exists a wide range of products in the market today. It’s of paramount importance to go for quality pet foods and from reputable manufacturers. Right puppy foods will contain superior nutritional value considering the activity level and breed of your puppy. Below are ways on how to choose the right food for your puppy.

Read the Label

It is imperative you read the product name of the food you are selecting for your puppy. Most dog foods have their names based on the feed's specific ingredients and the manufacturer. Avoid puppy foods with fewer components, and go for high-quality foods that meet your puppy’s nutritional requirements, have better processing, and a high water level. This trusted guide on ways to pick the best food for French bulldog puppy is one expertly focused on your dog’s dietary needs. Conducting research and taking the time to ask questions is among the ways you can ensure your dog is eating healthy. The ingredient list is also worth checking out. It would be best to choose feeds with the ideal ingredients and a break-down of the components. These might include:

  • Corn gluten
  • Soya beans
  • Tocopherols
  • Ground corn fish meal
  • Meat by-products
  • Brown rice
  • BHA (beta hydroxy acid)

You should also check whether the feeds are AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) approved. Additionally, while choosing the right food for your puppy, check the food package for the date of manufacturing, the packaging, and the expiry date. Expired foods will be of low-quality and could harm your new puppy. Proper packaging also helps preserve the quality of the food. Dog food should be packed in BPA - free bags.

Consider the Breed Size

Dog feeding guides categorize dog food according to the dog breed’s specific needs, particularly its size. This is critical as different breed sizes need particular amounts of food. For instance, small-breed puppies have higher metabolism rates and thus, require higher water and calorie intakes. Just the right balance of nutrients will ensure that the dog gets the most out of their nutrition while taking into account their body size. Such food will be vital in giving your puppy a healthy coat and skin, allowing bone development, and achieving a robust immune system.

Consider the Form of the Feed

Wet foods would be the most appropriate for your new puppy as they are hydrated. The fact that your new puppy doesn’t have an appetite for water means that they will appreciate wet meals. Such will help to elevate their hydration and help them to add more weight at a faster rate. Before you introduce solid foods to your puppy, wet foods will be ideal as they have fewer calories. Wet foods have a unique taste and smell, and it would be vital if you’d wish your dog to build an appetite earlier on before they transition to solid foods.

Consider Your Dog’s Feeding Schedule

If you want to train your puppy to stick to a feeding schedule, you should go for food with specific ingredients. Wet foods are easy to digest and are most appropriate for puppies. The fact that they are easy to digest means that your puppy can have some in-between snack meals.

Choosing the right food for your new puppy involves including the right ingredients. As a responsible caregiver to your pet, you should always feed your puppy with a well-balanced diet and treats in-between. This will help supply them with the ingredients for growth and the energy to go with their active lifestyle.

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