How to Control or Fix Your Dog's Bad Behavior

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Pets always bring joy into the house, and this goes especially for dogs. We love them sincerely and consider them a part of the family. Sometimes, though, dogs develop some unacceptable and intolerable behaviors that are hard to live with. Every pup owner should care a great deal about the well-being and comfort of their pups. They must fix their problems and control their bad behaviors.

If you're a dog owner whose pet is causing troubles, read on to know more about dogs' problems and how to discipline them.


It is normal for pooches to vocalize as a means of expressing their feelings. You can hear the barking, howling, or whining at different times of the day. However, excessive barking is an alerting sign that must be dealt with firmly. Investigate why your pup is vocalizing in the first place. Usually, dogs bark for several reasons; attention-seeking, responding to other hounds, showing playfulness, and being bored are common reasons for barking. Address your dog's needs and train it not to bark excessively. It requires a lot of time and training, so be patient.


Dogs, especially puppies, like to bite on anything to satisfy their curiosity. Therefore, dog owners and breeders provide them with chew toys rather than your furniture and shoes. Teething makes puppies nibble a lot as well. When your pup's chewing becomes destructive, take corrective action to stop it immediately. The animal behaviorists at explain that it takes a lot of training and dedication to discipline your tail-wagger, so if it’s hard to train it yourself, look for a professional dog-training facility.


It is nearly impossible to control the urination of puppies. They go everywhere in the house, causing a bad odor that's hard to get rid of. It's not until they're twelve weeks old that you can teach them to pee in a specific place. Older pooches that urinate inappropriately require certain behavior modification to make them stop this frustrating habit. The reasons that cause inappropriate urination can be anxiety, territorial marking, and lack of house training. Ensure your pup learns where to pee to avoid various troubles.

Separation Anxiety

Did you ever notice that your pup starts to go crazy, displaying destructive behavior as soon as you leave the house? If yes, then your bow-wow suffers from separation anxiety, where it feels distressed and uncomfortable as soon as you leave. The consequences of their actions can be severe as most fidos suffering from separation anxiety attempt to escape causing self-injury and household destructions. This problem requires dedicated training and serious desensitization exercises.

Owning dogs is bliss as they bring an abundance of love and affection to the family. Their problems, however, are countless and difficult to handle. It’s important to realize that it takes plenty of time and effort to discipline a dog's behavior and train it properly. If your dingo suddenly develops a problem, be patient while handling it. If it is too problematic for you, seek a professional to help you solve its problems

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