If Going On Vacation - Where Can You Take Your Pet Also?

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If Going On Vacation - Where Can You Take Your Pet Also?

When you're planning a vacation, one of the factors you have to take into account is what to do with your pet. If you're not comfortable leaving them behind, finding a pet-friendly destination can be tricky. But don't worry - you’re covered! This blog post will discuss some of the best places to take your furry friend on vacation. Whether you're looking for a beach getaway or an action-packed adventure, it’s got something for everyone!

Where can you take your pet with you on vacation?

Our pets are like our family members. They are always by our side, and they make us smile even on our worst days. So, when we go on vacation, it's only natural that we want to bring them along! But finding a pet-friendly vacation destination can be tricky. Whether you are thinking about sailing in Croatia, or you want to go on a safari in Africa, you will need to do some research to find out if your pet is welcome. Lack of planning might result in your pet having to stay home, or in a kennel, while you're off enjoying yourself. So, where can you be carefree when traveling with pets?


The first one on our list is Croatia! This beautiful country is not only pet-friendly, but it also offers a wide variety of activities for you and your furry friend. You can sail the Adriatic Sea, explore medieval towns, or even go on a wine tour! Just make sure to get a pet passport before you go. You can also find pet-friendly accommodation in Croatia, so you won't have to worry about your furry friend being left alone in the hotel room. If you are concerned about taking your pet to the restaurant or shop, don't be! Pets are welcome in most public places in Croatia.


This may come as a surprise, but Serbia is also a great destination for pet-friendly travel. You can find many beautiful parks and green areas where you can take your dog for a walk. Pets are also allowed on public transportation, so you won't have to worry about how to get around with your furry friend. In addition, if you are looking to hike through untouched wilderness with your furry companion, Serbia is the right place for you. Just like in Croatia, you will need a pet passport to enter Serbia. You can also find pet-friendly accommodation, but it is advisable to call ahead and make a reservation.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a great place to travel with your pet. There are many pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and pubs. You can also find a wide variety of activities that you can do with your furry friend. If you want to go for a hike, there are plenty of trails that allow dogs. Or, if you're looking for something more low-key, you can take your pet to one of the many dog-friendly beaches. Just make sure you have a leash!


Australia is a paradise for pet-friendly travelers. There are many beaches, parks, and even rainforests that welcome pets. You can find pet-friendly accommodation in most major cities, and there are also many restaurants and cafes that will allow you to bring your furry friend inside. Just make sure to check the rules before you go, as some places have restrictions on the type of pet that you can bring inside.

Now that you know where you can take your pet on vacation, the only thing left to do is start planning! And don't forget to get a pet passport before you go. Your furry companion and you are going to have the time of your lives!

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