Lets Talk About Beds Baby

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Are you having a tough time finding just the right bed for your furry friend? Do you know what kind of bed your pup might love?

Well, we can help. When it comes to dog beds, it can get overwhelming. There are so many choices, styles and shapes and choosing the correct one for your dog just got a little easier.

First, you will need to know what kind of "sleeper" you have.

Do you have a cuddler? One of those pups that cant get any closer to you. Finds the only space left under the covers and pins you to one side. Even the tiniest Chihuahua feels like a Great Dane when they steal your covers and your bed! Do they burrow themselves into the smallest spot in the house? If this is your daily dilemma, then you have a "cuddler". A dog that would most certainly love a den type of bed.

Our favorite by far is the Burger Bed. This bed is like a safe hide away. Super soft and comfy and provides that feeling of being under the covers. They can curl right up inside and be shielded from noise, light or anything else that may bother them. We think the Burger Beds are phenomenal. They also come in lots of colors so you are sure to have the safety and the style.

We also cant say enough about the Cuddle Cups. They are complete luxury and provide your pet the perfect spot to snuggle. They also come in an array of colors.

Do you have a pampered pooch that likes his/her space but also the feel of luxury under their sweet little heads? They like to stretch out a bit and dont want to be confined, but long for the feeling of being enveloped in a cloud? Then you have a posh doggie that would enjoy a Spa Bed!

The Spa Bed is made in the USA, from the finest fabrics. Your pooch can stretch right out and sleep tight. They come in many sizes so you are sure to find the perfect fit for your pampered pooch. And, they come in many colors too!

The Canopy Bed would also be a perfect fit for your furry friend. They come in a lots of stylish fabrics, able to washed and provide your pet with the distinction of having their very own Canopy above them.

We also have waterproof beds, and outdoor beds, and snuggle saks, and loungers. Lets just say we have you covered!

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