Out & About In The Summer-Travel Tips For A Successful Trip

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Traveling with your pet can mean a quick trip to the doggie park or a flight across the country.  Let us help make your travels with your dog just a little bit easier!

First remember that everything takes longer with your pet.  Just like a baby, you need to give yourself some extra time.  Making sure you have everything you might need is key!! Be prepared for just about anything.  Expect the unexpected.  With dogs you just never know so prepare yourself, be flexible and save yourself the anxiety by thinking of everything (well almost everything).

Scooping poop in your own yard is one thing.  When your out and about, well that's another.  Always prepare yourself for unexpected potty breaks.  Be sure to carry enough poo bags and wipes to combat any situation.  You dont want to be caught in public wondering where you might locate a plastic bag, so always have plenty on hand.  Some  pups also like to mark or "lift their leg" at the worst times.  Sitting at the airport or shopping in your favorite store is not the place for that.  We recommend Belly Bands to help save your day.  An affordable way to help save you the embarrassment and extra time to get out the wipes. 

Keep your pup safe!  Always give Fido the perfect place to feel comfy and safe.  A stroller is our favorite method of transportation.   Easy in and out of your car, easy pop up and a fabulous spot to keep your furry friend all zipped inside.  They can keep their favorite blankie with them, a spot for treats and water and even a place to store your personal items.  Strollers allow your pet to see whats going on around them, check out all of the smells and sights, but also keep unfamiliar hands away from them.   Strollers are perfect for the walk to the park, shopping trip at the mall and even a flight to visit relatives across the country.  Its also a great way to give you some "hands free".  Have other things going on you need to attend to?  A stroller is perfect for giving you the ability to multi-task while knowing your love bug is safe.

Pet carriers also serve that same purpose.  Geared for plane rides and "sneaking" into your favorite store.  Most are airline approved, so check with your airline and our specifications. They can even double as car seats for traveling.  The beauty of a pet carrier is that it can look and feel as fabulous as your purse.  Or you can sling it with a pet sling...the choices are endless.  Over the shoulder, across your chest or carry it like a bowling bag, pet carriers are an ideal way to bring your pet anywhere you go.

Always carry water with you.  Travel can make your pet have some anxiety and anxiety and new surroundings sometimes equal panting.  Keep your pup hydrated.  A simple travel bowl will do, something you can collapse and slide back into your carrier or stroller is wonderful.  

Always keep your pup on a leash.  Even if Fido is the most obedient doggie in town and never ever leaves your side, remember that new and strange situations can have an effect on their behavior.  Make sure you obey leash laws, and keep your doggie from running into a busy road.  Its even important as you never can tell anything about another dog you might encounter.  If another dog happens to "visit" with your pup, and things take a turn in the wrong direction....you NEED the ability to snatch your dog from the situation.  A leash will help with maintaining a safe encounter no matter where you travel.

Having the right equipment for the job is key!  It will help make things smoother for you and your dog will feel that.  If you are relaxed and enjoying the trip, chances are your dog will too.  


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