Pamper Your Pooch Give Away

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This will be a first for us!!! We are VERY excited!

Most give aways are a gift certificate.....or a fun toy.....or a trendy collar. Not this give away! This is our first annual give away that will BLOW the roof off give aways!

We want the winner to feel pampered in every way...Will it be a tiny chihuahua? Will it be a beautiful pit bull? Who knows, but we do know that the winner will recieve a box of goodies geared just for him! We wont tell you whats going inside because we just arent sure yet. Suppose it will depend on the winner. We are sure it will make your furry friend feel super special!

Will our winner want some stylish duds and cute collars? Tuff chew toys and treats? A bit of both? Our winner will get to give us a wish list!! We will need some things....measurements, favorite toys, favorite treats, favorite color?? This is going to be way more fun than we have even anticipated!

The pups are coming in fast! We are posting as we recieve these spectaucular photos. We wish they could all win, beacuse every dog is a winner to us. We truly hope you enjoy scrolling through our participants. In the light of all that is happening in our country, in our towns and right in our back yards....This contest will bring some positivity. It will make you smile, and laugh. It will prove that lots of animals are happy and healthy and down right spoiled, just as they should be. It will show the little Maltese in her sweet dress, the Boxer with mud on his face and the Chinese Crested boating with her family. Its just the heart of this contest we love most.

So send in your entries. You can email them to us at Or, you can find us on Facebook at Bloomingtails Dog Boutique and pop your photo on our page or message us. Whatever works for you!!

We have friends from Texas, New York and Vermont all the way to New Zealand and Canda. All are welcome and you can enter your whole pack!! The more the merrier. From the looks of it, we will have hundreds of entries and each one captures our heart!

Like and share our facebook page, spread the word so that every pup can potentially win the coolest box of goodies around! Sign up for our newsletter, blogs and secret sales right at

Good luck to each and every entry! Here are a few of our entries so far! Enjoy!

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