Stickers, Stickers, Who's Got Stickers?

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Stickers, Stickers, Who's got Stickers?

We do and we love ours!!  We adore our marketing material here at Bloomingtails Dog Boutique and we thought we would share our secret!  We are lucky enough to have a fabulous company right in our home town.  They have helped us to create our brand with stickers, magnets, shipping material and more. To be able to share our business with all of you is EVERYTHING!  Sticker Mule has helped to make that happen.

This company is much more than "just a sticker shop", they have just about everything you need to brand yourself too!  Or just get some stinkin' cute dog stickers.  Whatever you need, they have it. 

This business not only provides exceptional timely service and fabulous work.  They also give back to our community.  They have grown into a company that cares about its community and people and really strive to bring our lives closer.  

We feel that when a company does good, we should celebrate and share!  Lets keep sharing the positives!

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