Essential Tips To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

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Keeping your pup cool this summer can be easier than you think. We have some tasty treats and chill pointers to help your dog beat the heat this year.

Change Up Your Exercise Routine

Exercise is vital for you and your pet. As the weather gets nicer, we want to get outside and get moving, but sometimes that mid day heat can be too much. Try taking walks earlier or later in the day.Take your dog for his walk in the morning before the sun is beating down on both of you. Avoid vigorous walking in the afternoon when the sun is at its hottest. A cool evening walk would be key.

Stay Hydrated

Keep cool from the inside out! Keeping your dog hydrated is vital. Always have a drink available and know when your pup needs one. Excessive panting is a sign that your pet needs to cool down. There are lots of ways to keep it interesting. How about a frozen treat? A Pup-sicle maybe? Try some different recipes to keep Fido cool and entertained all in one.

Never Ever Leave Your Dog In A Hot Car

This one is easy, just dont do it. Leave your dog home instead. Many folks dont realize how quickly temperatures rise in a car. If you think it may be too warm and there is a chance your pet will become uncomfortable, side with caution. If its hot outside, its REALLY hot inside the car. Temperatures can rise to 140 degrees quite rapidly, according to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation. This causes your pet to pant excessively to release the heat and can lead to a whole host of issues, including death. Always call 911 if you see a dog left unattended in a hot car. Save a life.

Use Doggie Shoes

Remember that pavement and asphalt can be sizzling. When you take your furry friend on that walk, think about how hot the ground is. Many times we forget that their feet need protection too. A cool sandal or shoe will help beat that pavement heat. They have delicate pads that can dry, crack and burn.

Eye Protection

Dogs have sensitive eyes. They may squint and have a hard time when the sun is bright. Try some shades for your pup. They will protect their eyes from the suns blinding rays. Car rides can be fun, with the right temperatures. Dogs LOVE the head out the window, tongue flapping, look. They could also help with protection from bugs or anything else flying around when they have their heads hanging out the windows.

Innovative Ideas

Its always fun to find new ways to keep your dog cool. How about a kiddie pool? Try filling a kiddie pool with some water so they can lay in it when they feel hot. A cool belly is very important and vital in keeping the heat to a minimum. Maybe a cot to keep them elevated from the hot ground. A nice umbrella for shade. Also remember when the sun moves, the shade might disappear. So, keep an eye on where the sun is headed so you can adjust your umbrella or shaded area.

Have fun this summer. Stay active but be mindful of your pooch. They can let you know when they are just plain exhausted and over heated. Watch for signs, they will tell you when they just need to rest.

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