Tips For Keeping Your Dog Fit And Healthy

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Tips For Keeping Your Dog Fit And Healthy

If you are the happy owner of a big or small furry friend, then a portion of your time is likely dedicated to making sure your little guy or girl is well looked after. However, sometimes what one thinks is good for dogs, is actually not in their best interest. Think about those puppy dog eyes and those extra scraps from your plate getting scraped into his or her bowl.

Sound familiar? While we do these things for our dogs because we love them, sometimes this is actually in conflict with their health needs. Therefore, it is important to fully understand what it is that dogs need to stay in tip-top shape. If this sounds like it could apply to you and your doggo, then keep reading for tips.

Keep Active

An active dog that gets enough exercise is a happy dog. Just like humans, dogs need to move to maintain their health, fitness, and overall wellbeing. You need to build regular opportunities for movement into your routine. Whether that is a daily walk around the block, a run in the mountain, a play on the beach, or throwing the frisbee in the park, your dog needs it. Try to shake up your route and routine where possible, as interestingly, the professionals behind this website tell us how dogs can become a bit bored with too much repetition, just like humans. If you do not have enough time in your day to keep up with doggy exercise, there are dog-walking services you can employ. The added benefit of these is that your dog gets to socialize with other dogs too, but more on this later.

A Healthy Diet

Again, like humans, dogs need to eat a healthy diet to keep their physical health in order. Unlike humans, it is perfectly acceptable for dogs to eat the same food every day, twice a day. You want to go for a dog food that has been scientifically formulated by dog experts, with an explanation of all the nutrients and dietary benefits. For instance, some pellets have a built-in teeth cleaning mechanism, which maintains your dog’s dental hygiene, which is another essential element of doggy health. Don’t be fooled into thinking your dog needs treats in the form of human food. In fact, dog arteries are a lot smaller than humans and so the effect of something like cholesterol can be a lot more profound on your pet. Foods like chocolate and grapes can also be poisonous to dogs and so they should be completely avoided.

Socializing Is Important

If you are the pet-parent of an ‘only dog’, as in you don’t have any other pets, then this tip is extra important for you. Dogs are social creatures and thrive when given opportunities to interact with other dogs. A responsible and effective way of teaching your dog to interact affectionately and appropriately with other dogs is to take him or her to puppy socialization classes. This might seem like a bit of effort and time at first, but you are investing in the long-run as your pup will be the friendly one in the park. Instead of the one that other dog owners want to avoid at all costs. Of course, if you have other pets, especially dogs, in the home, then there is likely plenty of opportunities for your dogs to play together. That said, it is still great for them to have exposure to other less familiar dogs and learn how to be social.

Regular Vet Check-Ups

Dogs require regular checkups at the vet. Just like you might do for yourself and your children. They require vaccinations when they are puppies, to stop them from spreading diseases. They also require regular deworming, which is something you can administer yourself at home. At the check-up, the vet will examine their oral hygiene, as well as any other overall health issues. This is important to do even if your dog is healthy, however, it is absolutely essential if you notice your dog is displaying any unusual symptoms or behaviors. It is recommended to take your dog for yearly checkups at the vet.

Being the mama or papa to a canine friend comes with so many joys and delights. It also requires a certain level of responsibility and care, to ensure your dog is in optimum health. Remember, dogs are not the same as humans, but many of their health needs are very closely aligned. So consider your dog’s overall health picture and decide whether you feel he or she is getting enough movement, play with other dogs, a healthy diet, and trips to the vet. If you feel there is room for improvement, then hopefully this discussion has been beneficial for you.

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