Top Tips On How To Prevent Your Dog From Gaining Weight

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Top Tips On How To Prevent Your Dog From Gaining Weight

Just like people, animals are prone to obesity as well if they eat too much and are not active. After every meal, the metabolism of the organism is slowed down so that the food is digested, and therefore it results in the feeling of sleepiness and tiredness. The same goes for dogs, with this feature being even more pronounced. On the other hand, dogs spend most of their day sleeping and lying down so that they are even more prone to obesity, which, in their case, can be a cause of numerous diseases or even have a fatal end.

How to Know That Your Dog Is Overweight?

There is a weight scale for every breed individually and if your dog falls within these limits then there is no room for concern. It is a bit difficult to figure out if your dog is overweight. It is much easier with humans since our faces get rounder and puffier while our jeans need to be bigger for a number or two. It is much different with dogs. The first indicator of your dog’s obesity is that you can barely see its ribcage. Secondly, their stomach is big and bloated and hangs concerningly low. Finally, if your dog is constantly bloated then you will need to arrange an appointment to see if there is some other reason for this condition.

Begging or Hunger

These are two very different things and you need to distinguish among them. Begging is about always wanting more to eat and begging for food. Additionally, dogs are prone to begging and you should learn to be immune to those puppy eyes and soft looks, to make sure that your dog is not hungry and that they are just huge fans of food. On the other hand, the thing that you can do is to track the meals. Make the regular periods between the meals and limit the treats so that you do not increase their caloric intake. You can find some valuable advice about dog diet from the professionals at where you can find some recipes for making the diet of your dog richer and healthier. Just like the human diet, a dog’s diet needs to be rich in protein and fibers. Fibers and a protein-rich diet will make your dog feel fuller and more satisfied.

Know What Is the Healthy Weight for Your Dog

Depending on your dog’s breed, there is the scale of healthy weight they need to fall within. Healthy weight varies. It is not healthy for your pets to be neither too skinny nor overweight. There should be optimal weight for your canine that needs to be obtained. If your boy is over this range, you need to consult the vet immediately and see if there is some plan that should be followed for better results.

Physical Activity

Just as for humans, physical activities are one of the most important things for functioning. They should be more physically active and taken out regularly so that they can burn more energy and therefore more calories. Do not get alarmed about this one. This does not mean that you will have to run marathons and do some demanding workouts. Regular walks and some jog in the leash-off-safe environment must give positive results. But, keep in mind that physical activity depends on the breed so you must consult the vet on how much activity your dog should have for the results.

Limit Treats

Even when your dog does not beg for the treats, you voluntarily give them. This is not a smart thing to do, because you will make a habit that will make them even moodier. If you are going through the process of training, then you should pick some healthier options or at least something more nutritious. Bear in mind that some extra kilos will make a huge difference for your dog that is much smaller than we are. On the other hand, toys are a great reinforcement alternative.

Make the Diet Plan For Your Dog

Just as for humans, the canine diet needs to be rich in proteins that will promote weight loss to the overweight dogs, and if you want to prevent weight gain and obesity, then you need to start with this diet on time so that they feel full for some longer period of time and will give them more energy for the activities.

Dogs, just as humans, need to eat healthy for a longer life span and overall health. Physical activity is a crucial thing for them so that they maintain both physical and mental health. Believe it or not, dogs can be under stress as well.

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