What To Get For Your Car To Make It More Dog-Friendly

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What To Get For Your Car To Make It More Dog-Friendly

Traveling with pets may prove to be a challenging feat, but at the same time, it is also just as rewarding. This is the reason why several pet parents exert the extra effort to prepare all the things that they need before they embark on a journey with their furry friends. In line with this, for a stress-free road trip with your dog, below are some of the things that you need for both your and your pet’s comfort.

Seat cover

One of the primary things that you can get to make your car more dog-friendly is a seat cover, which will not only make your dog more comfortable seated at the back, but it will protect the leather seats of your car too. Some rear seat covers even come with a hammock, while others are water-resistant. Rest assured that these are easy to clean and durable. With a seat cover, not only are your car seats free from your dog’s fur, but they are also protected from tears and scrapes.

Secure carrier or harness

Apart from a seat cover, make sure that you invest in a secure carrier or harness for your dog too. This will ensure that should you encounter any road mishap, your dog is less likely to get caught underneath the seat or fly out of your vehicle. Just keep in mind to introduce the harness to your dog before your trip so that they get accustomed to using it because some dogs are not comfortable with the feel of the harness. On the other hand, you can also go for net barriers to keep your dog from jumping over the seat, preventing them from distracting you, particularly while you are driving.

Pet access ramp

To make your car more dog-friendly, you can also purchase a pet access ramp, particularly if you have a small dog or an old one. A ramp will make it easy for them to get in and out of your vehicle as soon as the trip is over. You can go for the foldable ones, which are quite easy to store away when not in use. Rest assured that most of these ramps can support a weight of up to 85 kilograms, and some even come with side panels for additional safety.

Dog supplies

Make sure that whenever you travel with your dog, you bring along the supplies that they need, such as food and water, particularly if you are going on a long road trip. Make sure that you bring along your pet’s favorite toy, too, as well as lots of cleaning supplies and deodorizing sprays because spills can happen anytime.

To wrap things up, the things listed above are only some of the items that you can get to ensure that your dog is not only comfortable but safe too as you go on a road trip together. Several other things can make your journey more seamless. You only need to explore a bit more. The key is in ensuring that whenever you travel, you prioritize your dog’s safety and comfort. By doing so, both of you will have a wonderful time on the road.

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