What To Remember When Adopting A Rescue Dog Into Your Home

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What To Remember When Adopting A Rescue Dog Into Your Home

Welcoming a new member to the family is always a wonderful thing. There are thousands of dogs waiting for someone to adopt them and give them a loving home. If you’re thinking of taking this step or you’ve already made that decision, there are a couple of things you need to be aware of when you bring rescue to your house.

This can be an overwhelming experience, especially in the first several weeks. After all, both of you will need time to adjust. So, it would be good to remember the next several things.

Preparing Your Home Before the Dog’s Arrival

Before your new puppy arrives, it would be wise to organize the space, so you don’t find yourself running all over the place. This will also provide your pet with a much-needed structure. You need to decide in which areas of the house the dog will be allowed. Use gates if necessary to make it stay away from certain parts of your home. If you don’t want it to enter your bedroom, make sure the doors are always closed.

You also need to decide where the pup is going to sleep and eat. Set up a ‘feeding station’ and make sure it gets its meals and water at that place. Another thing you need to have organized from the moment your new pet enters your home – a place where its crate will be located. As mentioned already, dogs like structure, and it’s up to you to teach them about the rules.

If you have an outdoor area, you will need a sturdy fence. You don’t want to spend the first night looking for your new roommate. Schedule a visit to the vet in advance, buy toys and leash, as well as food. Simply be prepared to welcome your new family member.

First Day in The House

Moving is stressful for both humans and pets. A new environment can make the pup’s anxiety go up, and you need to understand that. As stated at the https://charitypaws.com/, it will take time before the canine can completely relax and see your home as its own. After all, as a rescue, it has spent some time in a shelter and has probably been through several foster homes before you decide to take it in. So, it probably feels unsure about the whole situation.

Given this fact, the first day at the new home should be uneventful. Give your dog space and let it come to you when it wants some company. However, don’t give it space to roam alone. Keep your eye on it; otherwise, you will probably have to deal with some kind of a mess.

This time the two of you have alone will be good to get to know your new pet. For the first several days, make sure the atmosphere at home is calm and quiet. Resist the urge to call your friends and invite them to meet your four-legged companion. From the get-go, make a feeding and walking/exercising schedule.

Don’t forget that rescues all have different backgrounds. Not all of them necessarily have a bad backstory. Still, the original owners have influenced their behavior in one way or another, and you might have to train it to behave differently. Bringing a puppy home, whether a rescue or not, is always challenging and a serious commitment. You are responsible for taking care of another living being, which comes with a set of tasks and duties.

After the First Couple of Weeks

In the first weeks of you hanging out, you will go through ups and downs. But most people who adopted a rescue will tell you that they were able to see the dog's personality after the first several weeks have passed. For things to move smoothly, provide your pup with a stable environment, and after a while, it will start opening up to you.

During this period, try to learn as much about its body language as possible. You will start going to the park, and you don’t want some unpleasant situations to happen. Ensure the pup is having a good time, but it would be a good idea not to let it off the leash at the beginning.

Adopting a dog is a big responsibility, and the first weeks will undoubtedly represent an adjustment period for both of you. Make sure you are prepared to take the canine into your home and be patient. Rescues can sometimes be challenging, but they are definitely worth all the love and care you can give them

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