Your Guide To Taking Your Dog On Summer Vacation

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Your Guide to Taking Your Dog on Summer Vacation

It can be difficult to enjoy your vacation when your pooch is stuck at home or in a boarding house for dogs. This is why you should consider taking your pup on your getaway with you. This is something that people are doing with greater frequency and you can manage it too!

Of course, if you haven’t ever gone on holiday with your pup, you will need some pointers. So, on this note, here are the top tips that you can follow to get your adventure just right:

Plan Out Your Trip

Needless to say, when you are traveling with your dog, you can’t be too spontaneous. Your pup needs frequent bathroom breaks and some time to stretch their legs as well. Thus, it is important to plan out you trip really well. This is especially important if you are headed on a longer road trip.

Figure out where you can make stops and double check if these areas are appropriate for dogs. Make sure to plan out all activities as well and to keep your pup’s schedule in mind. This way, both you and your dog can enjoy these activities without having to worry about any issues cropping up.

Reduce Obstacles

Although more and more states are becoming dog friendly, not every establishment will be welcoming towards your dog. This is why you should reduce the risk of any obstacles. One way that you could do this is by establishing your dog as an emotional support animal.

If your dog has been “prescribed” by a mental health specialist or if he or she performs an important role in your life, they may qualify as such. To prevent complaints, though, it is a good idea to get your pooch certified. Thus, you can get an ESA letter for verification to show to anyone who may question you.

Pack the Essentials

Don’t forget to pack a suitcase for your pooch – after all, they require plenty of stuff as well. Since it can be difficult to know when you will encounter a pet store, make sure to take the essentials with you. This includes plenty of dog food and bottles of water. You should also take food and water bowls – for a more travel-friendly version, consider collapsible bowls.

Take plenty of waste bags, leashes, toys, and treats. It can also to take their vet vaccination and health records as well. This way, if someone tries to make a fuss, you will have all the proof you need that your pooch isn't a threat to anyone.

Consider Pet-Friendly Activities

Believe it or not, there are actually plenty of pet-friendly activities to try out from exploring national parks to lying on dog-friendly beaches. However, it is a good idea to make a list before you head out. Of course, you may need to get creative about how you unearth this information.

For instance, consider leaving questions on local dog sites or forums, ask dog groups on Facebook, or even vets. These individuals will have first-hand experience with which venues actually allow dogs in. More importantly, they will let you know whether these areas are actually suitable for dogs as well.

These are the top ways to enjoy your summer vacation along with your pooch. Pay attention to these tips and you will have no problem taking your dog wherever you go.

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