Finding the Perfect Pet Carrier

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We love our pets, they are family. We live with them, play with them, share our food with them and even share our bed with them. So why not make traveling with them that much easier.

Finding the perfect pet carrier can be daunting. Making sure the one you choose has everything you need is important. Making sure it has everything your furry friend needs is even more important.

Quality is key! No one needs a broken handle or strap in the middle of the mall. Or, chasing Benji through the airport because the mesh came loose. No good. So choosing a bag that offers a safe place for your pet is vital. Look for an attached leash or strap inside the bag. Making sure your pet cant get free and run into danger is one of the important things you will need. Look for sturdy handles and proper stitching.

Your pup needs space, and comfy space at that. You may be going somewhere new or different and doing what you can to ease Benji's fears is paramount. Make sure your carrier has sufficient room for a blanket and some toys, even a small food dish. Keeping your pup happy will make traveling that much more enjoyable, for both of you.

Does your bag offer all of the nooks and crannies you might need? How about a spot for your phone, credit cards and keys. Leaving them to drift along the bottom of the bag isnt a good idea and will certainly give your friend something to chew on.

Be sure your bag is easy to carry. Something too bulky will hinder the fun. Choose something with straps that are comfortable and fit your body. Do you wear your carrier as a sling? Or maybe a sturdy handle is more your choice. Either way, look it over. Make sure it will work for you. Remember Benji does have weight and that can be difficult to manage without the proper straps or handles.

Making sure you can get to your pooch quickly is also crucial. He may need you (or you may need him) so make sure you can get to him in a jiffy. Mesh is always a good idea, that way he has enough ventilation and can see you. Too many zippers can be tough, so choose wisely.

Some of our favorites

The Boho Sling is just too pretty! But beyond that, its a comfy ride for your pooch. With shag and softness galore, your furry friend will travel in luxury. Equipped with a leash strap for safety, this sling is one of our favorites.

The Glam Bag has all of the features you would be looking for. Its just a gorgeous bag with lots of pockets and holders for your "stuff" With a safety lead and super safe mesh, this bag is perfect.

We cant forget the Rescue me Tote. Its got all of the bells and whistles and certainly a head turner. Beyond its beauty its got just about everything. From a safe clip to keep your furry friend right where they should be to places to stash all of your stuff. We just love this bag.

Most bags tell you if they are airline approved as well. Check the details. Cant find your answer? Just ask, we are always here to help.

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